Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blast From My High School Past

John Maggiore visited Syracuse last week. Now, working for Como #2. I was stunned at how out of touch I was with politics right now. Internship year has been very much a head in the sand experience. Thank god for friends reaching out in my direction from time to time to bring me up to date and keep me up to speed.

Form and Function

It's far from swimming weather, but the California poppies are in bloom now and people are starting to go tot he beach. I liked the vertical garden and this strange watering system on display at the museum.

Boys will be Boys--where do they come from?

Went with Debbie to Cayote Point and sure enough, the main attraction was a pile of trees that had been cleared, and a mound of gravel used to maintain the trails at the nature center.

San Francisco Drumming w/Aunt Debbie

I've now been drumming twice and can see that this could be another obsession in life, if there were more time to develop them.

Snow at our house--not like anywhere else on earth

Marc posed to give a sense of the scale of the snow fort Dave built this winter. It got plenty of use in all its stages of construction and deconstruction. The holes turned into caves and the kids tunneled for weeks on end. No one, thankfully, got lost or stuck in it. Now that the snow is melted, we know this, finally, for sure.

The Easter Island Head got built in Berry Park, and stopped about as much traffic as the snow fort at the house. Calvin demonstrating his usual bravery climbed in head first to retrieve some teeth that had dropped into it. It didn't wake up, come to life, or bite him.

Belated update on winter 2010-2011

 The last of our Christmas celebration included having Olivia and Valarie over, as well as an informal send of for Sarah on her trip to work at Mount Zion Arts for Recovery in January. 

 As usual Dave's Gorilla slippers made the social rounds on the ground.  In this photo on Susan Levinson's cool tootsies.

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